Air Travel was an installation on the rooftop of the Lillstreet Art Center in October of 2016. This body of work is a tribute to organic matter that surrounds us in our daily lives but that may go unnoticed. This Rooftop Project consists of four flags that depict seeds native to Illinois, and are dispersed by wind such as seeds from Cottonwood, Elm and Maple trees as well as dandelion and milkweed seeds. Each flag is rip-stock nylon and measures five by eight feet. 

 In 2011 National Public Radio produced a piece about the billions of bugs that travel by air anywhere from 2,000 to 12,000 feet above us. This stunning report connected to me as an artist because it focused on the unseen that is in our environment. As an artist I seek to celebrate objects found in nature, taking visual notes and creating a new visual vocabulary that celebrates the organic, and lumpy-shaped that is the world around us.