Artist-in-Residence, Lillstreet ART Center, Chicago


Artist-in-Residence, Textiles Department, Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago

I was the Artist-in-Residence at the Lillstreet Art Center in the Textiles Department from September 2017-August 2018. As a resident I was invited to take an unlimited number of free classes. This was my first experience using Indigo and other natural dyes, felting flat and shaped pieces, and my first formal sewing instruction.

Screen-print, dye methods and sewing are processes that enrich my visual vocabulary and articulate new ideas. I am using dye and embroidery to mimic galls, and tar stains on leaves. Painting on fabric, and surface exploration of forms are of interest to me. For example, turning the tips of leaves back and juxtaposing the underside with the top side is a formal exploration similar to my painting process. In nature it may be a surprise to find, spider eggs, wasp galls, and larvae under leaves. The expected and unexpected.